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Who Are Robell?

Robell Trousers & Jeans is a brand with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing the best-fitting trousers and jeans. Godske Group, a family-owned and international fashion firm, owns Robell and their trousers are modelled after real women rather than a dressmaker’s mannequin so they can flatter a wide range of figures.

Robell are fashionable trousers with a superb fit

Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages are embraced at Robell. When it comes to their trousers, Robell is committed to producing only the highest quality products without sacrificing on fit or comfort. Trousers with a perfect fit are available for the quality-minded woman who seeks Robell’s fashionable trousers, floral trousers, printed trousers, jeans, and much more.

The fashion brand Robell, produces extremely well-fitting, ladies trousers with a variety of styles on offer. They are created with a special stretch fabric that guarantees the trousers will fit regardless of your size or form.
For women who do not want to compromise on comfort or appearance, Robell Trousers are an everyday luxury.
Their collection is extensive, so you can discover anything with patterns, prints, neutral colours, colourful designs, and minimalist designs. It is their mission to design trousers that complement you and your entire life style

High quality at affordable prices is guaranteed with Robell trousers.

Style yourself

Are you looking for trousers that may be worn in a range of situations?
Robell Trousers are an essential part of everyday clothing and serve a variety of purposes, they can be styled in an endless number of ways by mixing and matching them with other items in your wardrobe.
For instance, at work or a party, wear a pair of trousers with a shirt or blouse, a blazer, and high heels, or pair it with a top or knit and shoes for a daily look. Trousers by Robell are universally flattering and available in a wide variety of comfortable fits and fashionable colours.

Therefore, it is always worthwhile visiting our online store for your add the perfect pair of Robell trousers, jeans or shorts to your wardrobe

Robell Trousers FAQ’s;

Are Robell Trousers true to size?

We might advise going up or down a size on some styles due to the variety of Robell styles.
Generally speaking, because the Marie and Bella styles are generously cut, we advise going down a size.
The Rose design, however, is a slim fit, therefore we advise going up a size.
In all other styles by Robell, we recommend selecting your usual size.

Does Robell produce trousers with a slimmer fit?

Yes, super slim-fit trousers and jeans are available in the Robell Rose, Nena, Lena, and Star styles. From the thighs all the way down to the ankles, the fit is extremely narrow. There are numerous lengths, materials, and patterns to choose from.

Which styles of Robell trousers have a high waist?

All Robell styles rise high at the waist, giving a comfortable and flattering fit in all the right areas.

Which trousers are pocketed?

The Bella and Nena styles of Robell trousers have pockets. The Bella is available in several lengths, including full-length and above-the-knee shorts (lengths 04, 05, and 09).

The Nena is offered in full-length and 09 ankle grazer styles.
The Elena, Star, Sonja, Helle, Joella, Bella Jeans, & Nena Jeans are just a few of the many Robell Jean types that have pockets. These come in a range of lengths.

How do the Bella and Marie Styles differ from one another?

Marie and Bella are both straight-fitting trouser styles.
The key differences are that the Bella style includes two back pockets, faux front pockets, and a double-stitched back seam, while the Marie design has no pockets and minimal detail.

Do Robell’s trousers come in lengths shorter than the typical 31″? If so, which styles are available?

Yes. There’s the petite length 29″/73cm trouser made by Robell. The Marie, Bella, Mimi, and Jacklyn styles of the petite length trouser come in a variety of colours, designs, and fabrics, including denim and bengaline.

Are there any styles of pants from Robell that are longer than the regular 31″?

Yes. There is a 32.5″/82cm tall length trouser made by Robell. Only the Marie version of the Tall length trouser is presently offered. In the future, they intend to offer additional styles and colour options.

How do the lengths differ?

Robell Trousers are available in a range of lengths to ensure a comfortable and flattering fit.
The inside leg length of Robell’s full-length trousers is 31″/78cm. These come in a variety of designs, including the Marie F/L, Bella F/L, Rose F/L, Jacklyn, Elena, Sissi, and many more!

Robell’s petite length trousers have an inside leg measurement of 29″ (or 73cm), making them ideal for women with a shorter leg. There are four different styles of the Petite Length trouser: Marie, Bella, Jacklyn, and Mimi.

Robell also offer their tall-length 32.5″/82cm inside leg trousers for women who are taller. Although at present only the Marie style is offered in the tall length, we want to expand the Robell line to include additional styles in the near future.

The Robell 09 Trousers are available in the Bella 09, Rose 09, Nena 09, and Lena 09 designs and measure 27″ / 68cm inside the leg. These trousers are meant to hit at the ankle, but shorter women can also wear them all the way down to the floor.

Robell 07 Trousers have an inside leg measurement of 22″ / 56cm. The 07 pair of trousers has a cropped style, making them ideal for warm weather. Both the Marie 07 and the Rose 07 are examples of the cropped trouser style known as 07.

Robell 05 shorts have an inside leg measurement of 16 inches (or 40 centimetres), which falls right above the knee. Bella 05 and Chris 05 are two excellent options for the season.

The Robell 04 Shorts have an inside leg measurement of 11″, which is approximately 28 centimetres. Bella 04 shorts come in a stretch bengaline fabric, while the Megan 04 shorts come in stretch cotton.

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